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Country:United States
About me
Headline:Graduate from St. Mary's College, SSPX
About me:I began attending the Latin Mass in 9th Grade. After attending Public Schools for 10 years, I was grateful to be homeschooled for three years via Our Lady of Victory School (class of '04 graduate).

I graduated from St. Mary's College, administered by the SSPX, in St. Mary's, KS in 2008 with a BA in Education. I used to work at the Onyx Collection in Belvue, KS, but am now currently teaching Math and Science at an SSPX school in MN.

My primary temperament is Melancholic; but I also have bits of the sanguine, choleric, and phlegmatic temperaments as well.

I enjoy sports (especially ping-pong and volleyball) and am an ardent Blues (NHL) and Cardinals (MLB) fan. I also enjoy reading, epsecially books by Belloc and Chesterton.

I'm 6''0, 180 lbs., and relatively in shape. I could say more, but I guess you'll find out more if you would like to get to know me. I have many traditional Catholic friends, and hope to make more by joining SSPX singles! May God bless you!
Looking for:I am not exactly sure of all the qualities she would have to have, but she would have to at least dress modestly, refrain from using bad language, be polite, and have a strong faith. She should be outgoing (but just not too crazy!) and also have an active prayer life (i.e., daily rosary, etc.). She'd also have to want to be a houswife and homemaker, not a
"career woman."
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