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Me and my puppy, Maverick
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Headline:Canadian Gal
About me:Hello!

I am single, never married, with no children.

My interests include crafts, quilting, baking/cooking, nature walks, mini-golf, bowling, skating and photography.

I am a shy person by nature, until I get to know someone. However, I am a generally happy person, and most of the time have a smile on my face!

I am currently taking some post-secondary classes, but my preference in life would be to meet a good Catholic Man to marry and have a family with!

I work full-time, and usually keep myself busy, I am rarely bored!

I have attended SSPX masses for about 15 years, and to me it is important to be a Traditional Catholic, and remain close to the Traditional Faith!
Looking for:I am seeking a Traditional Catholic gentleman for friendship and/or dating/a relationship.

I am also looking for Traditional Catholic friends, both male and female, as there are very few Traditional Catholics where I live.

My ideal spouse would have
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