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Country:United States
About me
Headline:Hello fellow Catholics out there!
About me:Hello! I live in the Northern Indiana region. I am campus librarian at a local college. I have a Bachelor's Degree from Franciscan University of Steubenville and a Master's Degree in Library and Information Science from Wayne State University. I grew up in the diocesan parishes and even worked in two diocesan schools and spent time with a ministry. I began investigating the post-Vatican II changes in the early 2000s. I enjoy researching controversial Catholic topics. I also like being outside, talking, reading, and drawing. I have sung in a Traditional Latin Mass choir before and enjoyed that.
Looking for:A relationship leading to marriage in the near future God willing. I am looking for a lady who seeks to imitate Our Lady in her humility, modesty, and piety. Someone who is either sedevacantist or open to the position. Someone who believes that water baptism is necessary for salvation. Someone who is open to attending Mass when possible. Ideally a lady who is at least open to the idea of having children. A lady who is willing to home school them. Someone who gets along with me and likes me :)
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