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Country:United States
About me
Headline:Circa 1866
About me: I love to keep a tidy house and yard and car. I believe there should be “a place for everything and everything in its place.” In 2003, I moved from Atlanta to Darien, Georgia, where I bought a house built circa 1866. I cannot drive a nail, so I had no business buying such a thing, but I did. This and that are wrong with the house, but it’s mine, and I love it kind of like a beautiful bauble that is broken. I work as a freelance medical editor from my home. When I’m not editing, cleaning, or doing yard work, I read classic fiction and biographies and watch movies from the golden days of Hollywood. I love to swim and bird watch.

My personality is Introverted and melancholic (INFP on the Myers-Briggs), which is not to say that I don’t love to have fun! I can’t help the fact that I grew up shy, and did you know that many of the holiest saints were of melancholic temperament? The man I seek should be outgoing to complement my personality.
Looking for:I seek a spouse with opposite traits, namely, an extroverted man with a sanguine or choleric temperament. In keeping with the attraction of opposites, it would be nice if he were tall (I’m a bit over 5 feet tall and just over 100 pounds). It would be nice if he would drive me every Sunday to attend the Traditional Latin Mass. The man I seek will be of noble manners and will tend continually toward perfection in every aspect of his life. Our ultimate goal will be to lead each other to heaven to enjoy forever the beatific vision.
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