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Me and my beloved flowers.......
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16 February, 2009 About me 1 comments
Since today was sunday, I of course went to Mass this morning. However, I don't like getting up early so I went to the Mass that... Read more
29 January, 2009 Reflections to None 1 comments
Well, I live in an area where there are many catholics. However, I often wonder where they all are. I just don't know any of the... Read more
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Country:United States
About me
Headline:Looking for someone who isn't self righteous....
About me: I am considerate and always helping. I am a nurturing kind of person. ..

Waaaa.....I went from 135lbs in December to 145lbs in July.

I go to college and i have a full-time job. I am tired now so I am not going to write much.

I don't want someone who leaves mass at communion thinking mass is over. It isn't. That isn't respecting Our Lord. :?

I like to go walking in the trees and I enjoy the beauties of nature. The world is beautiful, why not enjoy its beauties instead of staying at home all the time? I like reading and writing. I like doing different things. I don't like planning things because they usually fall through and i get angry.

I have my own apartment and car. I don't make enough money for my life and I pay bills late. I think i am getting things payed off gradualy though.

I have a myspace page if you are interested in seeing how wonderful a person I am....LOL...There ya go!!
Looking for:Someone who isn't an idiot...........Who knows? Does anyone ever really know?....I will know when i see it.......LOL.... :roll:

I seriously don't understand why you people don't read my whole profile. If you did, you would understand who I am instead
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