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me and nephews
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Country:United States
About me
Headline:"Oh My God Thy will, not my will."
About me:I love to read, garden, cook, sew, paint, and knit. I am a home body. I used to like to travel, but not so much anymore. My goal is to live near an SSPX Chapel and have the daily Latin Mass. I'm trying to be very holy and to stay focused on loving and serving God. I say as many Rosaries as I can each day.

My addiction is exercise. I'm like a horse that has to get out of barn everyday. I still am attached to sports, although I know I shouldn't be. I don't watch any TV except an occasional game and I sill love the Yankees.
Looking for:Smart and funny is always good and I love to talk about theology, family, and politics although not as much anymore since our president is openly satanic. Basically, I have no expectations other than he be devoutly true to the real Catholic church. I coul
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