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June 1, 2019June 1, 2019  0 comments  Uncategorized

I have been a musician for a while and I can say that I have noticed that music can serve, and I think frequently serves as a way of connecting to a different realm for lack of a better way to describe it. For this reason I think most music should be avoided if possible. Music can move the passions in way that may not be good for us spiritually. I don't mean solely the language either. Music, like most created things we allow into our minds and bodies, has an effect. Id say for the most part music of  the modern day is like a numbing venom. It is subtle and it dulls the senses so you don't realize a  demonic force is being summoned. I do believe that most popular music is demonic in nature. One need only listen to many of the songs that skyrocket certain people into stardom, most of these songs are blatantly anti-Christian and many times mention things like selling one's soul, talking with lucifer, casting spells, opening doors (doors are quite important to the demonic it seems), or at minimum promote satanism. 

You may like some of this music, you may think it is no harm, but trust me when I say that it is a gateway to the demonic. Songs are basically prayers, and as you are aware that our beautiful Catholic prayers are effective, so are these evil songs. One thing I have noticed is that more work a musician is doing for the evil one, the more succesful they are. I have listened to music where the singer essentially outlines his dealings with satan, and explains how to give your soul away. I feel like the early and medeival Church knew about this, just look at gregorian chant. Gregorian chant is so perfect and beautiful. It glorifies God and never takes away from the Mass. You know those guys were aware of the power of music. 

Long story short, don't listen to modern music no matter how much you ilke it. You might as well be playing with a ouija board. The Church has a rich deposit of music, both in the form of chant and all the way up to the Baroque era (I wouldnt recommend anything baroque for Mass though, since it takes away attention from our lord). Also avoid VII hymns since it seems many of them have a once saved always saved protestant vibe going on.

Anyway let me know what you all think, if you want. 



Tags: music spiituality 

July 7, 2019July 7, 2019  0 comments  Uncategorized

Hi Everyone, 


I hope you're having a wonderful Sunday thus far! I thought I would share with you a piece I wrote quite a while ago. I am in the process of writing another Kyrie and figured I'd showcase to you all an older one I wrote a few years ago. P.S. The manuscript isn't perfect, I didn't feel like looking for the completed version but the audio is of the finished version. Feel free to use it during mass if you are the choir director, just message me and I'll send you a PDF! God bless you all!





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