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June 22, 2019June 22, 2019  0 comments  Uncategorized

Doesn't it just erk you the way our first parents sinned against God the way they did? It really erks me, I have to say. I get so tired of this disordered world, this disordered life we are so tempted to live. Truth is such an addicting thing. You get a taste, and you want more. The more truth you have the more you realize what a disadvantage we are at simply by descended from Adam and Eve. In a way I envy angels because their ways are set the instant they decide to be subservient to God or rebel against Him. In a way I don't because they don't have second chances. We are in this physical body, essentially suspended in this medium until the moment that we die. It's like being in a womb, if I had to compare it with anything. We are born, but even then we are in a spiritual womb, developing until we are truly born when our soul leaves our body. Until then, we are floating in this medium, switching between truth and self delusion, hoping to leave the womb in communion with our Lord. And yet, even in this state we are in, in these flawed weak bodies we inhabit for a short time, we are shown by our God that in this state we can achieve perfection. Our Lord Jesus Christ was God incarnate, but also fully human. That means in a human body he was able to be perfect; a spotless unblemished lamb ready to be sacrificed. How silly and weak our Lord makes us look. We can barely keep his commandments and he, in a human body, was the commandments themselves.


My God, my Lord Jesus Christ, I eagerly wait for the day that I can be with you and serve you permanently. I impatiently wait to be permanently and irrevocably bound to you, serving you and glorifying you for all of eternity. I look forward, with anxious hope, to the resurrection where I can be free from the sins and the flaws of this world. Lord God, have mercy on me, a sinner, and allow me a chance to love you for the rest of all of eternity.

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