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19 July, 201919 July, 2019 0 comments Uncategorized Uncategorized

Any other men wear suits everyday? I wear suits whenever possible. I can't stand dressing in jeans and t-shirts, it seems so..idk..modern. On my free days I go through a few changes in clothing. Usually in the morning I wear some type of variation of "morning dress", in the afternoon I switch to a light linen shirt, light linen suit jacket, and white cotton slacks (during the summer), then during the evening I switch to an all black 3 piece suit, or sometimes dark grey. Occasionally I skip the waistcoat and just go with suit pants, suit jacket, suspenders, tie, and my alligator skin cowboy boots, especially in these hotter months. I cannot be the only guy that does that here, right? I mean, so many profile pictures on here show guys in suits it's hard to believe it was just for that one photo. Well let me know if anyone else wears suits everyday, or at least wants to. Knowing this place, nobody will respond but well hey at least I tried! lol


P.S. I also have a gentleman's cane but don't use it in public because I don't want to get stared at more than I already do!! lol




7 July, 20197 July, 2019 0 comments Uncategorized Uncategorized

Hi Everyone, 


I hope you're having a wonderful Sunday thus far! I thought I would share with you a piece I wrote quite a while ago. I am in the process of writing another Kyrie and figured I'd showcase to you all an older one I wrote a few years ago. P.S. The manuscript isn't perfect, I didn't feel like looking for the completed version but the audio is of the finished version. Feel free to use it during mass if you are the choir director, just message me and I'll send you a PDF! God bless you all!





4 July, 20194 July, 2019 0 comments Uncategorized Uncategorized

This conference by Fr. Ripperger provides a perfect guide for what a man is and how a man should behave in relation to women. This is so necessary for men, even traditional men, since there are so few good role models in these times. I hope you all are having a great 4th of July and God bless you!

30 June, 201930 June, 2019 0 comments Uncategorized Uncategorized

I was listening to this old conference by Fr. Chad Ripperger and it was so powerful and necessary. I think this is a must listen for trads who may find that they tend to focus too much on their own defects or the defects of others, rather than focusing on God. You will love this conference.




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30 June, 201930 June, 2019 0 comments Uncategorized Uncategorized

Catholics who support abortion.

Does anyone know how this happens? I have met multiple Catholics in the past 18 months who support abortion. I have also, in the few times I've gone to a Novus Ordo church lately, seen vehicles parked outside with bumper stickers and decals supporting pro-choice political candidates. I don't get it. How can one actually believe that abortion is okay, and then attend Mass and receive Holy Communion? Do they not think that a life is lost when a baby is killed? Or maybe they think that they can separate their politics from their religion, you know, separation of church and state (what a joke). I remember speaking with a "Catholic" woman a while ago and she was trying to indoctrinate me into the culture of death. I remember telling her that abortion is murder, and no person should be able to decide whether or not it is justified to take an innocent person's life. Her response was that it's a woman's body and they do have the right (somehow they think that the baby inside of them is actually their body even if it has different DNA and half the time isn't even the same sex, how insane), and even if indeed it is a sin, people should have the choice to decide to do that since God gives us free will. That is a very lame argument in my opinion. That's like saying "well rape is wrong, but free will". No, just no. God may give us free will to choose evil, however, as Christians we are to serve God by serving his people for his sake, which means protecting others from spiritual harm as well as material harm. Allowing a woman to choose evil with the excuse of free-will, is actually very uncharitable since the woman is doing major harm to her soul and destroying her sanctity. In addition, the baby does not get a chance to be baptized which also means they do not have the chance to attain the beatific vision. Not only are the souls of the mother and child destroyed, but further damage is being done to the one performing the abortion, and all of those involved in that industry. So many souls are being taken by satan through this evil, systematized yet barbaric practice of killing the unborn that there is no way to, in good conscience, allow it to happen. To allow it to go on unopposed, I would argue, is a mortal sin in itself. I am not a very intelligent person, but even I am able to see this pretty clearly. There must be some mental gymnastics (or maybe just mental illness) involved in actually convincing oneself that you can still be a Catholic and be pro-choice. If anyone has any insight into this or maybe has an opposing viewpoint I would be delighted to read it so I can learn how to better convince these poor "Catholics" of their error.



30 June, 201930 June, 2019 0 comments Uncategorized Uncategorized

I re-listened to this amazing talk today and I think you all will get a lot out of it. If you have 20 minutes to spare, even if you are driving or cleaning the house, give it a listen. You won't regret it!


God bless you and have a wonderful Sunday!




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23 June, 201923 June, 2019 0 comments Uncategorized Uncategorized

Here is a very interesting and informative speech by Catholic conservative speaker Michael Knowles. He draws a paralell between liberal ideology and the 7 deadly sins.  Hopefully this gives you all additional comebacks when dealing with liberals out there in the world. We Catholics need to be able to defend ourselves and political views that mirror the values held by our Faith.


As a side note, we should all band together and have "humility month", instead of pride month. Let's all agree to try extra hard to decrease so that our lord can increase, and strive to see ourselves as we truly are, and not as our pride would have us believe. In fact, maybe we shouldn't just stop at one month, let's work on our humility for the rest of our lives.  Corinthians 9:24 says "Know you not that they that run in the race, all run indeed, but one receiveth the prize? So run that you may obtain. " The prize is salvation, and we have to run like we are trying to win the race.




23 June, 201923 June, 2019 0 comments Uncategorized Uncategorized


Hello Everyone, 

Today at mass Father gave a very nice homily. He touched a bit on thanksgiving after Mass and how important it is to do. He said something very helpful and insightful that I'd like to share.


He said something along the lines that one need only to ask them selves a series of questions when kneeling in thanksgiving after communion and after Mass. First, who is Jesus Christ? The answer is he is our Lord, our God, our creator and savior. He is who has always been. He gave us existence and also redeemed our souls. Next question is who are we? We are creatures, we are sinners, who without Jesus Christ will suffer hell for all of eternity. We are nothing at all compared to our Lord.  Next question is what has Jesus Christ done for us? He came down from heaven and became man to give us a chance to save our souls. He allowed himself to be tortured and humiliated so that we could have a chance at entering into heaven. He created the Church outside of which there is no salvation, gave us the sacraments, and continues to be the wellspring of grace that allows us to stay out of sin. The last question is what have we done for our Lord? We continually sin against him, break his commandments sometimes mortally sometimes venially, and time and time again add to the weight of his cross at calvary. All of this into account, we can meditate on how unworthy we are of Christ's love, and how fortunate we are that despite all of this he still loves us and still gives us a chance to confess our sins and be forgiven. For all of this we have much to be thankful for. 

Hopefully this gives some of you all something to meditate on, or at least inspire you to meditate more fervently on what you normally do when you kneel in thanksgiving. Well I hope you all have a great day!



22 June, 201922 June, 2019 0 comments Uncategorized Uncategorized

Correcting Others

Is it okay to correct others that you have just met on spiritual matters? Sometimes I think it is okay, but this question is difficult and has different layers. The answer is not completely black and white.


I think most people do things and behave in certain ways because, misguided or not, they believe they are behaving in a correct way. It takes a certain level of humility to, despite believing that what you are doing is correct, still listen to the other party. That being said, you can almost guarantee the other person will not be receptive and in many cases, may be quite hostile towards anything that challenges their current way of behaving or thinking. What can one do in a circumstance like this? Shouldn't we just correct them anyway, because it's better than confirming them in their error.


Yes,but only if we are sure that we are doing it for the sake of God, our basis of assesment of error is not based on our own opinions and conclusions but on teachings of trusted clergy (past and present) in our Church, and not to please ourselves or to exert control over the other person. It is also very, very important to state that one may not have the authority to be correcting the other person. It is not the place of a lay person to try and spiritually school a priest and it is also not the place of a wife to spiritually school a husband. This would violate divine order.


Also there are different ways of correcting others and we can't just assume everyone is extremely humble and can take that directly. If someone seems like they may not be receptive, rather than just confirming them in their error, or blatantly correcting them and causing them to recede further in their sin, we can try and make them more receptive by pointing out a few things and educating.


We can point out that we must keep Our Lord's commandments if we are to show our love for Him. Our Lord Jesus Christ commanded that we be perfect like our father in heaven is perfect How many of us can say that we are that perfect? Not many, if any of us at all in these times. It follows, then, that until we are perfect like our Father in heaven is, we have to be open to correction, humiliation and teaching from others that may come our way. We can also point out that St. Paul thought he was doing the will of God by slaughtering Christians, and if Jesus had not have come to him, he (Saul/Paul) would have continued sinning in the name of God. This shows that there are objective moral standards, there is objective truth, and that even though Jesus Christ died to redeem us, we do not have a free pass to sin no matter if we think we are doing what God wants or not. These points can be made to help others and even ourselves realize that we need to be open to correction and teaching.


Turning an eye towards ourselves, that does not mean, however, that if someone corrects us we immediately change without a second thought. We should not do that. That may be acceptable in certain cases such as when the correction is coming from a very trusted and very humble priest or from someone that we know is more wise than us on a specific virtue or vice, but what we should at least attempt to do is use our logic and tried and true tools to discern whether or not the correction is valid. One simple way is to ask yourself, "If I take this advice, will I be led closer to God or further away?". If the answer is closer, it can be assumed that the correction is valid because it is unlikely that anything other than the Holy Spirit would inspire someone to request that you behave in a way that brings you closer to our Lord. Of course, there is still a problem here because this method assumes that the discerning individual has a true grasp of what closer to God is. To learn that, one has to look towards a knowledgeable priest, one who studies doctors of the Church, the lives of saints, and tradition. (Fr. Ripperger is a safe choice, and you can know this because he is an exorcist and would not be as successful at exorcising demons if he was unable to die to himself to be an instrument of God) In any case, all of this is very difficult to navigate. What I do know is that most of us are the worst judge regarding our weaknesses and where we are going wrong, and it makes sense since we all want to believe we are doing the right thing.


There is also a blury line between correction and criticism and If I had to say correction is more active, whereas criticism is more passive. Criticism seems to only point out the problem, and leaves the correcting to be done by the individual. Criticism seems to be an attempt to help the other build virtue on their own, rather than teaching them how to do it. Light criticism may be a good way to help those whom we do not have authority over since it allows the criticised individual to retain their autonomy and place in the divine order. That being said, it would not be good to criticize an other for one's own sake, only God's, and again there has to be a good foundation to base your assesment of the individual. If criticism leads to virtue, and there is no such thing as being too virtuous, criticism is a very helpful and loving thing to do. Many of the saints would actually quite enjoy being around others that would criticise them. They recognized that as long as they were being pushed to be more humble, more modest, more chaste, more prudent, etc, they were being prepared for heaven. All criticism is good as long as it leads one to build virtue and not vice, ultimately. One can never be too virtuous and the more virtous one is, the higher the rank in heaven one will merit and also the more good one will do for others. So what can we learn from all of this.


Correcting others on spiritual matters is good but certain considerations have to be taken such as you are doing it for God's sake and not your own (meaning it would have to lead them closer to Him), you are not usurping divine authority to do so, and that you are not basing your assessment of error on your own beliefs and conclusions but rather those of the Church. The same can be said regarding being corrected by others. Criticism should not be confused and grouped with correcting others on spiritual matters since one points out a vice, and the other tries to fix an error.


This is, at least how I would answer this question. Please let me know what you think, I am always open to the ideas of others.




22 June, 201922 June, 2019 0 comments Uncategorized Uncategorized

Doesn't it just erk you the way our first parents sinned against God the way they did? It really erks me, I have to say. I get so tired of this disordered world, this disordered life we are so tempted to live. Truth is such an addicting thing. You get a taste, and you want more. The more truth you have the more you realize what a disadvantage we are at simply by descended from Adam and Eve. In a way I envy angels because their ways are set the instant they decide to be subservient to God or rebel against Him. In a way I don't because they don't have second chances. We are in this physical body, essentially suspended in this medium until the moment that we die. It's like being in a womb, if I had to compare it with anything. We are born, but even then we are in a spiritual womb, developing until we are truly born when our soul leaves our body. Until then, we are floating in this medium, switching between truth and self delusion, hoping to leave the womb in communion with our Lord. And yet, even in this state we are in, in these flawed weak bodies we inhabit for a short time, we are shown by our God that in this state we can achieve perfection. Our Lord Jesus Christ was God incarnate, but also fully human. That means in a human body he was able to be perfect; a spotless unblemished lamb ready to be sacrificed. How silly and weak our Lord makes us look. We can barely keep his commandments and he, in a human body, was the commandments themselves.


My God, my Lord Jesus Christ, I eagerly wait for the day that I can be with you and serve you permanently. I impatiently wait to be permanently and irrevocably bound to you, serving you and glorifying you for all of eternity. I look forward, with anxious hope, to the resurrection where I can be free from the sins and the flaws of this world. Lord God, have mercy on me, a sinner, and allow me a chance to love you for the rest of all of eternity.

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