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melissap1170's blog
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15 August, 201415 August, 2014 0 comments General Topics General Topics
Today is the feast of Our Lady with honor of  her assumption into heaven. Having completed her earthly life ,the Catholic Church teaches that she was taken both body and soul into heaven. In many countries, it is a celebrated as a first class feast and a holy day of obligation. The Blessed Virgin spent the last twelve years of her life in the company of St. John and spent it in prayer and helping the early church. Most of  you know that when she died,which was most likely in Jerusalem, St. Thomas was not there and when he asked to see her once more, the apostles proceeded to her tomb, which, when they looked in , they  only found her graves clothing. It has been further acclaimed that to verify her leave of this earth body and soul, Mary  let go her girdle down to this apostle . This fact is often portrayed in many paintings of the Assumption. I myself have not seen one of these, even though I have toured Europe a few times, but I a certainly looking forward to it!
There has been some speculation on how Mary stepped into the next life. Did she merely fall asleep? We are pretty sure she wanted to be like her Son Jesus in going thru death's door. She was "full of grace," with no stain of sin.....therefore, she did not have to pay the penalty of sin. Most likely, she did not physically suffer like we do, but I am sure she was very happy to be reunited with her Son. Luckily for us, she has not forgotten her children back on earth and continually prays and intercedes for us.
Oh Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recoursed to thee!
10 February, 201410 February, 2014 0 comments General Topics General Topics
appy Valentine's Day

Hello and welcome to all new members. Winter is going thru …Christmas season is over and Lent is on it's way. But is hard to prepare doe Lent when Valentine's day preparations are under way. I have put up some decorations, including the heart garlands and bells. My husband has to work on that day, so might not be going out for dinner, but can always go the day after.  I've got the prefect card for him….

You and I
share something very special---
something so perfect, so right
from the beginning,
that it made me believe in destiny…

Bit tacky, right? However,  we have been married for 6 years… Maybe. you might someone here on this website like others have. IT may not happen overnight, BUT ……it can happen.

On another note, tomorrow is the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes. The Blessed Virgin appeared at Lourdes , France,  in 1858 to a poor child named Bernadette, and asked that people pray and make reparation for sins.She also requested a chapel built and asked Bernadette to dig in the mud, where in a spring developed. The water( with no obvious unusual properties) is miraculous and many miracles have taken place. One of my favorite saints is St. Bernadette. She first saw the Virgin at age fourteen and when she grew up, she became a nun, later dying at the age of 35 away from the activities of Lourdes. Her body is still incorrupt today at the convent of Nevers and is open to the public. Let us turn to Our Lady and St. Bernadette for help in our daily lives and hopes for the future!

11 January, 201411 January, 2014 0 comments General Topics General Topics
Hello and welcome to all new members! 
How was your christmas???? I spent the Christmas season in Winnipeg with my family for three whole weeks. Boy, did I eat a lot! Now, back to the usual grind and less fattening meals. :(  It was pretty cold up there, with temperatures ranging up to the minus 50 with the wind chill. I went outside only up to 25 degrees below. I had to borrow mittens, jacket, and winter boots, as what I had was too thin for this weather. But at least we got some sun…. I went to midnight mass, and it was actually snowing and warm that night….It was magic…. After coming home from church, my brother-in-law Matthew got melted cheese on nachos, and my sister Martina  warmed up spiced chicken wings and jalapeno  poppers. I finally went to bed around 4a.m. Who knows when the rest fell asleep. Then I was up by 8 and moving those gifts around while mom and dad went to mass. After they got back, brunch was well in progress, and it was time to open the gifts. I received more gifts than I anticipated, including coffee vouchers (yum, those salted caramel mochas!!!), and a nice blue sweater from The Bay. I have not been home in a few years, and it was nice to celebrate with the family. I feel bad for those who have none!

Well, this year has started and Lent is late, but it never too late to meet new friends ,hopefully lasting ones! Good luck and Happy New year!!!!

20 December, 201320 December, 2013 0 comments General Topics General Topics

Hello and a happy shootout to all members,especially the new ones this month. 

It has been a busy and fast month ,getting ready for the Christmas festivities  and last minute shopping. Today, I made chocolate blueberry scones for the first time with my cousin at their country villa. It was fun! Let me know if you would like the recipe. It is great idea for breakfast replacement and does not take too long to prepare. With only 10 minutes to prepare and  18 minutes in the oven, and then you are done. You can also add jam, but I feel they are rich enough(even better than at starbucks) that one could eat each one by itself and would taste just as good. 
This past week, I meet a couple who had met here on the website, and are already getting married next month! Congrats to Jessica and Tom ! With online communication, they had met, and without this website, I highly doubt they would ever have run into each other. I wish the rest of those looking will have the same success, and in the very near future.

God bless and Merry Christmas!!!!!!
13 May, 201313 May, 2013 0 comments General Topics General Topics

May Newsletter

Hello and welcome to all especially new members! Well,May is finally here! I want to give  a special consideration to St. Joseph,as his feast was on May 1st as well as March 19th. St. Joseph was chosen as the first patron in the beginning stages of Canada. I hope all of you may one day go to the St. Joseph's Oratory in Quebec if you haven't been already. it is beautiful there! I don't think I need to remind all that St. Joseph is such an important person in the Catholic Church, being the foster father of Jesus and spouse of the Virgin Mary. He protected that Holy Family and now he protects the Catholic Church. Canada especially was consecrated to St. Joseph way back in 1624.It was so important to the Catholics back should be so important for us to carry his dedication and devotion on today. St. Joseph,pray for us!

This month as well, we commemorate the apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima...She appears to three shepherd children in the Cova de Ira in Portugal, not far from the city of Lisbon. She repeats the need for the Rosary daily. We especially need to keep that practice in our prayer lives asking her to help us and those who no one remembers to pray for.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

5 February, 20135 February, 2013 0 comments General Topics General Topics

Happy February!!!!

Hello to all. This is a the month where many celebrate Valentine's day, one of my favorite holidays... :)
But also this month is the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary. I would like to include the prayer here for anyone interested in praying.

O ever Immaculate Virgin,
Mother of Mercy, health of the sick,
Refuge of sinners,comforter of the afflicted,
you know my wants, my troubles,
my sufferings; look with mercy upon me.
By appearing in the Grotto of Lourdes,
you were pleased to make it a privileged
sanctuary, whence you dispense your
favors; and already many sufferers
have obtained the cure of their infirmities,
both spiritual and corporal.
I come, therefore, with complete confidence
to implore your maternal intercession.
Obtain, O loving Mother,
the granting of my request.
Through gratitude for your favors,
I will endeavor to imitate your virtues,
that I may one day share your glory.

Her feast is February  11th. On this day in 1858, Our Lady appeared to St. Bernadette and was to visit with her for eighteen times. A miraculous stream has arisen when St. Bernadette dug the soil under the Virgin's direction and thousands come yearly to pray and ask for favors from the Mother of God, while taking a sample of the water from the grotto and /or being bathed as so many pilgrims before them. It is one of the most visited  religious places in the world.

St. Bernadette, pray for us.
Our Lady of Lourdes, keep us under your protection!

25 November, 201225 November, 2012 0 comments General Topics General Topics


Hello and welcome to all new members. I hope you had a good thanksgiving! Lots of turkey and dressing. Christmastime is just around the corner; but before we start the first Sunday of Advent, let's dwell first on what is important in our lives... Keeping the faith with us and our families.

Yesterday, I attended a funeral of one of our parishioners Anita. She lived a good life as far as I can tell. Up here in Langley, I would often see her working in the kitchen after mass (or even before), getting the coffee and snacks out for the hungry faithful as they flocked downstairs after mass. She was very kind to all and welcomed newcomers. I heard she made the sacrifice to drive far to come to mass and was very dedicated to her faith. Interestingly she was actually born in Winnipeg and moved to Vancouver at the young age of twelve during the depression as it was probably very hard to survive in the prairies back then. At the funeral, quite a bit of her family came, and Father spoke later today that they were grateful for her friends and other parishioners  who came to attend the burial mass and cemetery . One person also came up to Father saying he would think on what had been said at the services, mainly that we should be thinking about our own souls, and why are we here are this earth..where we are going, and why death happens...maybe we wonder why God let this happen. Yet death is  the result of sin,something that our first parents did willingly and chose; as it was definitely not in God's plan's that we die, but rather after a trial period, we would be taken to heaven. But because of original sin, we must suffer and work hard to get thru life, and fight the temptations of this world in order,and then  with His help attain heaven.

Father stressed the importance of the mass, and these days people are loosing the faith as they are no longer shown the way or they are distracted by the world. So, in addition to going to mass on Sundays, why not try to go during the week as well. And we don't have to stop making visits to the cemetery just because November is at it's close. Let's continue to pray for our friends and relatves or even people we don't know who have passed on.. I am sure they still need our prayers...Let's also thank God for what we have .. as we so easily take things for granted. :)
4 November, 20124 November, 2012 0 comments General Topics General Topics

Hello to all ,especially new members! How is this month treating you? The month of the holy souls are underway, and so far I have made it daily since november 1st to the cemetery for prayers for the dead. It is suggested that one goes there daily from the first until the eight of November to gain indulgences, plenary and partial.This practice in the Catholic church was started very early on ,around the year 1000. In the book of the Maccabees, they talk about praying for the dead...and if it was important back then, I am sure it is also very much necessary now. The prayers I normally say at the gravesite include an Our Father,Hail Mary,Glory Be ,as well as an Apostles Creed, with intentions also praying for the Holy Father.Praying for the dead is our Catholic charity to help others who are in purgatory and need our help to get to heaven as they cannot help themselves. In return, they can pray for us and will intercede for us ..:)

The news has been full of the election or storm Sandy. I hope you are not in the path of the storm or suffering from loss of power. Here in the midwest, we are kind off far away that if we do not listen to the radio or read the paper, it does not seem so real, and we can forget how terrible it is going on. Well, I am sure they can use our prayers too! As for the election, Father Beck gave a good sermon today and he stressed the importance of not who to vote for, but about getting down on our knees and praying in order to solve the problems we are having in our country today. He stated the Blessed Virgin has appeared time and time again at Lourdes, Fatima, LaSalette, and other places asking us to pray. We need to pray our rosary daily...Lets try this month of October!!!

21 September, 201221 September, 2012 0 comments General Topics General Topics

Well, fall is almost here! Welcome to all new members! Last Sunday I was in Seattle and Father spoke about the sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The feast or day of recollection is September 15th. It may seen ironic that we celebrate this feast. Rather seems like a sad day. But with the remembrance of her seven sorrows, we might forget how much she went thru for us, for all mankind, for our salvation. We all know that we are not meant to stay on this earth forever. What we don't know is how and when..... What Father pointed out to us is that the Blessed Virgin knew at the time of the Presentation of the Child in the temple, when Blessed Simeon spoke to her, saying that her own soul a sword would pierced. She received an infused knowledge of exactly what would happen to her Son in thirty-three years time. He would die a horrible death, a death on the cross. A death meant for the worst of criminals. He would be abandoned by His disciples. He would not be "heard" by His Father; that this cup would pass away from Him. Maybe this talk should be commented on during Lent....But I thought I would touch on it today; for slowly these thoughts of mine would fade by Christmas....Sometimes, actually most of the time, the anticipation can be worse that the actual event. In this case, the event is also very sad and painful but knowing of it for thirty-three years can be unbearable. It is sad Our Lady told some seers, that as each day while Jesus grew in grace and size, she felt more and more pain as the day approached when she would see her Son hanging on the cross. It felt like a dagger growing deeper and deeper... So it seems it was not a very happy three decades, because every time she looked at her Son, she saw the nails driving in His hands, the thorns pressing down on the crown of His head, the blasphemies from the crowds, the taunts from the soldiers "Who is it that struck Thee." One point Father pointed out to the attendants, is what the Blessed Virgin also commented on......namely, that every time she wrapped her new baby in His swaddling clothes, she saw how the soldiers would rip all His clothing on after scourging Him, with His skin tearing off, and she just wanted to hold and protect Him. But neither she nor her Son would complain. So us too, when times are tough.... I don't think any of us will go through anything like they did....And they did it for us. This sermon really moved me alot. I really hadn't thought about these things. The girl sitting beside me got teary up, just thinking of that Baby, who happens to be God being hurt. I just wanted to pass this on to others.... We don't often get sermons like that. Maybe you might live where there is no mass on a regular basis. Anyway, hope this helps you.

God bless!


14 August, 201214 August, 2012 0 comments General Topics General Topics

Hello to all ,especially to the new members! It is already August and it is still hot around here! the feast of the Assumption is just around the corner. As we Catholics all know,this day we commemorate and celebrate the earthly death of the Blessed Virgin and her assumption of both her body and soul into heaven where she will untimately be crowned Queen of heaven and earth. She will also be reunited with her divine Son, staying on earth abit longer while the early church was in it's baby stages. This day is a holy day of obligation in many countries. Let's hope we all make it to mass on that day!

The feast of her Assumption , which we meditate and ponder on the 4th Glorious mysteries of the rosary, has been celebrated by the early eastern church by at least the 6th century. It has been documented in a letter of "The Falling Asleep of the Mother of God" from the 4th century. St. John recalls the events of the Blessed Virgin passing at Jerusalem or Ephesus, where St. John lived at the time of her passing. After the death of Jesus on the cross, Mary stayed with St. John per Jesus' wishes. It has been the opinion per Pope Pius Xll, that when he proclaimed the dogma of the Blessed Virgin in "Munificentissimus Deus " that he verifies that it is a dogma, under pain of being cut off of the Catholic faith, that the Blessed Virgin was assummed body and soul into heaven, making some reference to her death prior to the doing so. He states that "that the Immaculate Mother of God, the ever Virgin Mary, having completed the course of her earthly life, was assumed body and soul into heavenly glory." This dogma was declared on November 1,1950. Some theologians feel the Blessed Virgin may have only fallen asleep, as she was without stain of sin, and death being the penalty of sin, it seemed logical that she did not have to die like the rest of us. But it also seems likely that the Blessed Virgin wanted to follwo in the footsteps of her Son and pass thru death to eternal life.

I think it would be wonderful to have her there at our death to guide us to heaven.Let us all invoke her for a holy and happy death!

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