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24 September, 201624 September, 2016 0 comments Dating/Relationships Dating/Relationships

Hello all Members, including new ones!

Just a quick hello and letting you know there is a young adult gatheirng Scheduled in October 2016 that has been brought to my attention and we are pleased to post on our website.





Saturday¨†October†8th¨†2016¨AT 12-4pm



















God Bless!









30 March, 201530 March, 2015 0 comments Lent Lent

Hello and welcome to all new members!

       We have (finally) reached Holy Week....well, if you have been busy, it does go by pretty fast, but sometimes with the weather and all , it can feels like it won't get here anytime soon. Hope everyone has had a good Lent. Maybe some of you have been on a five day Ignatian retreat. This period in the church's liturgical year is an excellent time for that. The topics discussed during the retreat brings us back to the reasons we are on this earth, and outlines the four or five main realities to consider...... namely heaven, hell and the devil, death, judgement, and also purgatory. We really should go one of these retreats every 5-10 years.....
        Heaven is real home...we want to get there but we need to make the effort to do so with God's help. Hell is very real no matter what people say ( like God is good and won't let anyone go there.) A person who dies in the state of mortal sin without repentance merits separation from God for all eternity. Our lady of Fatima warned that many souls go to hell because people do not pray or do penance for them. She also said that the sins of impurity lead so many to hell. So it is so importance for all of us to stay pure in heart and action, and offer up sacrifices (even if small) for the sake of others to get back onto the right track. 
        The devil is very real, being a fallen angel, and he is out there trying to lure souls away fro the heaven he too lost. Never let us underestimate his cleverness to deceive souls. (He has been doing it for centuries!)
        Death is an inevitable experience that everyone on this earth will go thru. We know it will happen, but we don't know when. We should always strive to live a good live and ask Our Lady to help us in that last hour on earth. Let's keep heaven in sight!     
       Judgement happens immediately after our death, where we will see the state of our souls and all our thought, words, actions, and omissions will be revealed before us. The truth will be shown. There is no jury that will decide, only God.
       Purgatory is the final topic. Purgatory, though temporary, is for those souls not quite ready (pure) for heaven but just missing the eternal pains of hell. The time in purgatory feels like an eternity and they say the pains of that place multiples any pains on earth by eternity. We can never imagine it, but they have the hope of heaven which hell never will. We need to pray for those souls and make sacrifices for them. They in turn will pray for us and remember us when they do get to heaven.

I look forward to reaching out to you all after Easter. 
Have a blessed Holy Week!
3 February, 20153 February, 2015 0 comments Dating/Relationships Dating/Relationships

Hello and welcome to all new members!

Well, it is that time of year again....Valentines!!!! I have read that this is the busiest time for people meeting up on line. Well, I hope that this  is true for traditional Catholics as well......I recently heard another subscriber has met on here and should be married by the date of this posting. That was fast! well, to me anyway, but this is again very good and encouraging to others. This particular fellow had just signed up within the last couple of years. I wish them all the best!
It should take a reasonable amount of time to date someone but we should not get into the mode of perpetual dating with no end in sight.The person we are spending one on one time with should be focused on not just on how much fun we are having or how good the food is (my weakness!), but on how well mannered and courteous the other person is and how that person reacts in certain situations. Would marriage to that person lead you on the path of holiness? Would this other person help you practice your Catholic duties and help you keep up on your prayer life? If there was a crisis, like an illness where you would not be functioning up to par, or there were money issues, will that other person be there for you and be a help to you in the practice of virtue and not give up when times are rough? Keeping a good temperament is also an important aspect in an relationship. Does the person you date loose his or her  temper? You don't want a person who is alway angry at you for this or that .....that may not be a good situation you want to be in for the next 40-50 years. How does that person view divorce? Well, divorce is not an option for Catholics . The plan on marriage is to last til death. We need to be reasonably sure we want to be with this person thru rain or shine when we say "I do." I remember asking our parish priest what he thought of my future  spouse and if this was the right choice. He assured me that is was a good choice and he saw no warning signs or reasons why this was not a good match. It is wise to have the help of a spiritual advisor who knows you and the one you intend on marrying, in order to make a wise life lasting decision. Of course, we do need the help of Our Lady and Our Lord in this whole process!

Good luck and God bless to all members!
Happy Valentines day!

7 January, 20157 January, 2015 0 comments Dating/Relationships Dating/Relationships

Hello and Welcome to all new members!

I hope you had a very nice and holy Christmas and New Years. I spent the last three weeks with the in-laws in Virginia. They did not have any snow but it was nice just the same. I met some old friends I hadn't seen in a few years and got caught up on the news. I did not make it to midnight mass which I was planning on attending, but the Christmas day was very nice to participate at, and I wasn't too tired as it was daylight! ( I usually have trouble staying awake at night.)

And now it is the New Year..... did any of you make any new year's resolution? And I don't mean the latest diet plans.... How about meeting someone new in your life? Now that is a good plan. This website is a good one to get started on. I just got another note from a subscriber who stated she no longer needs this site as she is now engaged and planning to get married. Now those emails are the kind we are happy to receive. People are leaving contented but also it is encouraging to hear that our website is working. It also means that the Catholic traditional world has a possibility (God willing) of bringing new Catholics into this world. I encourage all members to take a proactive approach in the world of dating.

Has anyone read the booklet " Clean Love in Courtship?" I highly recommend it. It gives very good points on how to choose a marriage partner that can help both men and women alike. Courtship is not an end in itself but a means to an end....marriage. Here on this website, we can meet people, hopefully court someone, and thus end up in marrying.....

Happy New Year!

1 October, 20141 October, 2014 0 comments Dating/Relationships Dating/Relationships

Hello and Welcome to all new members!!!!

We are all into the fall weather, but so far it has been nice one! The color of the leaves are changing and although maybe some of you aren't, I am looking forward to Christmas and Thanksgiving seasons. Food, lots of it, and meeting up with family and friends is a great way to celebrate. I have  already been looking at airline tickets and where I should ring in the New Year, at home or on vacation. Emoji
This month is also the month of the Rosary. I hope you all are trying to say AT LEAST ONE ROSARY per day!  The fifteen of this month is also a special day for me as it is the day of my solemn engagement this day being the feast of St. Theresa of Avila, one of the Doctors of the Church.) If anyone out there is getting engaged, please consider getting a solemn one as it gives graces in preparation for marriage. It also lets people know out there that you plan to marry and are already dedicating your love to one special person in your life. You need a couple of witnesses for this to occur in addition to the priest, who also blesses the engagement ring. I like the manner of  how the man places the ring on the left ring finger.. He first places the ring on the left index finger, saying "In the name of the Father", then places the ring on the middle finger, saying ," and of the Son," and then finally placing it for good on the  left ring finger while saying," And of the Holy Ghost." 
anyway for those out there looking for love, when the time comes, consult with your parish priest about participating in the solemn engagement for betrothed  couples.
15 August, 201415 August, 2014 0 comments General Topics General Topics
Today is the feast of Our Lady with honor of  her assumption into heaven. Having completed her earthly life ,the Catholic Church teaches that she was taken both body and soul into heaven. In many countries, it is a celebrated as a first class feast and a holy day of obligation. The Blessed Virgin spent the last twelve years of her life in the company of St. John and spent it in prayer and helping the early church. Most of  you know that when she died,which was most likely in Jerusalem, St. Thomas was not there and when he asked to see her once more, the apostles proceeded to her tomb, which, when they looked in , they  only found her graves clothing. It has been further acclaimed that to verify her leave of this earth body and soul, Mary  let go her girdle down to this apostle . This fact is often portrayed in many paintings of the Assumption. I myself have not seen one of these, even though I have toured Europe a few times, but I a certainly looking forward to it!
There has been some speculation on how Mary stepped into the next life. Did she merely fall asleep? We are pretty sure she wanted to be like her Son Jesus in going thru death's door. She was "full of grace," with no stain of sin.....therefore, she did not have to pay the penalty of sin. Most likely, she did not physically suffer like we do, but I am sure she was very happy to be reunited with her Son. Luckily for us, she has not forgotten her children back on earth and continually prays and intercedes for us.
Oh Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recoursed to thee!
9 July, 20149 July, 2014 0 comments Dating/Relationships Dating/Relationships

Hello again and welcome to all new members! How is your summer coming along. It is nice and cool in Washington state, but mostly likely warm where you are. Hopefully no tornadoes or strong winds!

I heard from a friend that one of our new members is communicating with someone, and she hope to meet him this summer. How exciting is that? She thought about joining earlier but with encouragement, she finally signed but only after thinking about it the past year. I certainly hope it works out if it is God's will. I mentioned this so those of you out there won't give up hope. It can happen.

How do people meet ? Well, lately , it has been online, mainly dating sites like eharmony or chat rooms. We can also meet someone  in our day to day the coffee shop, in line at the bookstore, or even in groups after the Sunday mass. No matter how we meet, we need to have an open mind that maybe if we put ourselves out there, God will make sure that that special someone may fall right into your path. No joke. If we do our part, God will do the rest.

Well on line, meeting someone starts with a greeting or hello, maybe remarking on similar interests. From there, it proceeds to more notes, exchange of phone numbers. Skype can come in really handy if it is available. Then , if interest persists, the first meeting. This can be somewhat uncomfortable but if you have been communicating awhile, the uneasiness will pass quick enough. Meeting the family is next, naturally. You want him or her to see who you are and where you come from as this is a part of you. You would also like your family to provide you with prudent advice after meeting your new interest. It is hard to marry someone whom family don't approve or even never met. You would want your family's approval and parent's blessing. They in turn want your happiness , and will guide you with the experience and foresight that  they have. Don't ignore their advice but take it as your guide in picking your future mate.

Good luck, and may the Blessed Virgin be your light on this path of finding a new mate!
16 June, 201416 June, 2014 0 comments Dating/Relationships Dating/Relationships

Hello and welcome to all including new members....

Well, summer is well on it's way. Many of those in college are either done for the summer or graduating. Congrats to those who are. Maybe some of you have met and are presently dating someone. If so, good luck and kindly follow the Catholic rules of dating.

If a man does not believe the way you do, please put this in consideration, as this will affect decisions made in the future. Divorce is never an option. If your fiancé  thinks it is okay, then it will be placed into perspective when difficulties arise in your marriage to him, and he may leave you for someone else. When you get married, you do say "until death do us part," and this does apply whether in good or bad times. A partner in life who thinks differently in one aspect of a Catholic marriage may think "differently" in others aspects, and it may not be readily visible initially and may cause future heartache.

Large gap in age has come up whether a marriage can be entered into or last.  I don't think it matters what the age, though you should be  of legal age and mature enough. It does help if  both parties are on the same page....think the same, expectations of each other are reasonable and expected. There are many other factors that need to be considered. Having good habits, good work ethics, a good job  (at least the husband), good prayer life, honesty and integrity and honor are all important things to consider and will help plan a very future life together.

So, lets keep some of these considerations in mind, and happy dating!!!!
6 March, 20146 March, 2014 0 comments Lent Lent

                                                            Hello and welcome especially all new members! 

Well, Lent has officially begun. Have you received your ashes yet? I believe may of you have. If not yet, then this Sunday it will be possible….For the next two months, we can make sure we pray and offer sacrifices, offering up things we crave, wether it be sweets, movies,smoking, Facebook … name a few. But is up to us. Giving up something we crave the most will be the most rewarding from God. To pray for our neighbors, our friends, our enemies is charity. Also we can tale the opportunity  to participate in  doing some corporal work of mercy, doing some charitable work.
Maybe we will meet someone during this time while we strive to cleanse and purify our soul. When and if we do meet someone special, don't forget to thank our God and Blessed Lady of this opportunity and endeavor to make this blossoming situation whole and pure. Let our minds rule our hearts in our search for "the one."
Let's not forget to meditate on the passion of Christ. Make an attempt to say the stations of the cross as least weekly ( maybe Friday) during this Lent, not forgetting how Jesus died for us with every drop of his Blood. Don't forget to give up meat on Fridays as well!
10 February, 201410 February, 2014 0 comments General Topics General Topics
appy Valentine's Day

Hello and welcome to all new members. Winter is going thru …Christmas season is over and Lent is on it's way. But is hard to prepare doe Lent when Valentine's day preparations are under way. I have put up some decorations, including the heart garlands and bells. My husband has to work on that day, so might not be going out for dinner, but can always go the day after.  I've got the prefect card for him….

You and I
share something very special---
something so perfect, so right
from the beginning,
that it made me believe in destiny…

Bit tacky, right? However,  we have been married for 6 years… Maybe. you might someone here on this website like others have. IT may not happen overnight, BUT ……it can happen.

On another note, tomorrow is the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes. The Blessed Virgin appeared at Lourdes , France,  in 1858 to a poor child named Bernadette, and asked that people pray and make reparation for sins.She also requested a chapel built and asked Bernadette to dig in the mud, where in a spring developed. The water( with no obvious unusual properties) is miraculous and many miracles have taken place. One of my favorite saints is St. Bernadette. She first saw the Virgin at age fourteen and when she grew up, she became a nun, later dying at the age of 35 away from the activities of Lourdes. Her body is still incorrupt today at the convent of Nevers and is open to the public. Let us turn to Our Lady and St. Bernadette for help in our daily lives and hopes for the future!

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