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2 August, 20092 August, 2009 0 comments About me About me
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16 February, 200916 February, 2009 1 comments About me About me

Since today was sunday, I of course went to Mass this morning. However, I don't like getting up early so I went to the Mass that starts at 11:00 am. After I got home I was going to nap but I decided to get a few things done first. I made a list of things (food mostly) which I needed to purchase at the store and then proceeded to walk to the store which was only a few feet away.


While on my way to the store I picked up my cell phone and called my brother to tell  him the video I had ordered for him and my father had arrived in the mail. He said that he would come down and get it in half hour but he arrived shortly after I had put my groceries away. He evidently sped all the way to my place. He said he wanted to hurry up and get a video so he can watch a fun movie and not be bored. LOL


I decided to rest a little when my brother left and I watched the skiing competition on tv and the snowboarding competition as well. Afterwards, I decided to coook a  Totino's pizza. I ate all but one piece and ended up eating the last piece later. It was a three meat pizza. I know how to cook them just right so that they don't burn but yet are slightly crispy. I also like to use the oven in winter to help to heat my apartment.


Afterwards, got the rest of my math homework finished and turned it in early. Of course i submitted it online cause that is the way to go. I can do schoolwork in my pj's. Just splended!! Of course my homework took a while cause I kept taking breaks in between to get a drink and watch tv as well.


I had been thinking about doing dishes but I was too lazy and decided to light my votive candle and go to a few websites. My votive candle has bits of mirrored glass of various pink colors covering the whole outside of the candle and it smells of perfume. Of course it is a pink wax candle!!I can not smell it today as I have seemingly lost my sense of smell. I figure it is because I have this cold of some sort. My smell was gone since yesterday. I noticed it cause I could not smell the degreaser I was working with last night. Usually, I can't stand the smell but I just could not smell it. I tried smelling things again today but just could not smell them. It is odd cause I have never lost my sense of smell before. It should be coming back soon though since I seem to feel better today.


Looks like that was all I have done today. Yep, just a dramaless life. I like to keep it that way as too much drama isn't the kind of life I want to live. I like my stable life but it is nice to get out of the house at least once a week or to go and visit a friend. Getting out of the house does not include work. That isn't any fun or recreation.


Fun is getting out of the house and doing what I want to do, not what I need to do. I get so bored doing what I need to do all the time. I need recreation just like everyone else. I love talking to friends and meeting up with them and going to their house to visit. But that didn't happen today. My friend came over and visited me on friday evening after I got home from work. That was fun as always even though we just chatted, ate some chicken and watched some tv.



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29 January, 200929 January, 2009 1 comments Reflections to None Reflections to None

Well, I live in an area where there are many catholics. However, I often wonder where they all are. I just don't know any of them and they do not make themselves available. I figure that all the married ones are sticking together and they forget that there are people who are single and who are left on the sidelines. So, here I am on this website even though I belong to a huge parish. Everyone my age is either already married or not my type. I do like the slightly younger guys though. LOL


I live in Kansas. It is nice and cold over here. Barely the double digits out here right now. So glad it will be February right around the corner. That means spring will get here pretty quickly. Yea!

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