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5 November, 20125 November, 2012 0 comments Uncategorized Uncategorized

I love to write, but I get so little chance anymore, due to my work schedule. Ah well. And I forget to update this profile for the same reason. But now I have written something! Woo hoo! Everyone rejoice! And now to bed! Smile

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24 December, 201124 December, 2011 0 comments Uncategorized Uncategorized

This time of year, I am practically bombarded by folks using the catchy slogan: "Keep Christ in Christmas!" I have heard it so many times now, that it has lost a lot of its edge. I'm not implying that, as Christians, and especially as Catholic Christians, we should not strive to keep our celebration centered upon Christ. Far from it! But there are some times that I think we focus so much on the first word in "Christmas", that we forget the second part, which is a shortening of the word "mass".



Ironically, this notion was pointed out to me by a person of pagan persuasion who had no intention of meaning anything religious when they pointed out : "Hey, Christmas comes from the words 'Christ's mass'. Instead of just making a big to-do about keeping Christ in Christmas, they ought to be keeping the mass in Christmas!" And it got my wheels turning. If we work so hard to keep Our Lord a part of our Christmas and yet we don't make sure to include the mass as well, we've missed something very important.



Without the incarnation, the Word would not become flesh. Without the Word becoming flesh, He would not be saying "This is my body" and "This is the cup of my blood". The incarnation and the mystery of the mass are intertwined and you can't have the one without the other. The holy sacrifice is empty without Christ's birth and Christ's birth gains meaning and significence through the sacrifice.



So, by all means, work as hard as you can to keep Christ in Christmas, but don't forget the second part of the word as well. As Catholics we ought to be actively working to keep the mass in Christmas. Midnight Mass or Mass on Christmas morning should be central to our celebration, not just an added bonus. We should be excited to stay up til midnight or drag ourselves to mass on Christmas morning, even if Christmas falls smack in the middle of the week (as it doesn't this year). When we sing "O Come all ye Faithful", we should be there, faithful to our Sacramental Lord.



In conclusion, I would ask prayers for the pagan who pointed this out to me and all persons who are just as confused in their spirit. In particular, I beg prayer of those who openly seek to erase Christ from His own holidays, who work to replace him with openly pagan Moon and Fertitlity celebrations. And do your utmost to be patient with those who, through ignorance, promote the materialistic christmas (which uses the word with no reference to the Lord). Be kind and courteous, yet try to drop a few gentle hints that Christmas is not about acquiring loot. Merry Christ's Mass to all, and to all a good night!

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