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SlaveofMary's blog
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2 September, 20192 September, 2019 0 comments Uncategorized Uncategorized

Firstly, three important things about myself:



1: Second to God, I love Our Lady more than anything. I consecrated myself just over 4 years ago to Our Lady using St. Louis de Montfort's 33 day consecration. And on March 25 of this year, became a Handmaiden of the Immaculatae.



2. I LOVE God, and love to talk about that Faith! So much so I started an Instagram page called @holding marys_hand, please follow me and DM me!



3. Modesty is something that I greatly value! I no longer own a pair of pants, I gave all of them away. I was sad to give my two favorite pairs of pants away, so I converted them into skirts! 



Modesty is one of the most important Fruits of the Holy Ghost to have. Why? Look at the definition! Humble, unassuming, meek, small or limited amount, and of course modest in dress! Our Lady, who perfectly exemplified every virtue was completely modest, not only in dress but in her deportment! By working on modesty we can combat the major Capitol Sin, the one that turned angels into demons: Pride.



No, I am not perfect, but I do try. I even wear a headcovering of some sort everyday. It has helped so much to grow in my Faith.



I am new to online dating, and as such am hesitant to get a subscription... So if you messaged me and I didn't answer, you know why.

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Totus tuus ego sum Maria, et omnia mea tua sunt.
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