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September Newsletter
27 September, 201327 September, 2013 0 comments Dating/Relationships Dating/Relationships

September newsletter

Hello again and welcome to all new members. This month we celebrated the month of Our Lady's birthday. What a beautiful day that was!

I was recently in ST. Marys, Kansas, for a wedding in the region. The fall colors are starting to come in, and I spent time in my friend's garden picking the ripened tomatoes, red peppers, and fruits. My friend makes some of the best salsa I have ever tasted! I was able to take some home and share it with others; boy, it did not last long at all.

Anyway, back on tract. Some questions have come up about how long one should spend on courtship. I think it depends; but not too long. There is no hard and fast rule set on the time. Time need however to be spent wisely to learn about each other's character and temperament well enough to be sure that a match is in place. This can generally be done within six to one year. The period of  time also depends on whether one is still finishing up school or trying to get a better job. You need to do well in your daily and present activities before focusing on marriage, otherwise  you cannot do as well in either school and starting a new job. On another thought, dating too early in life can lead to an early premature marriage . If couples had waited, they may have more life experience and social contacts to help them in their most important decision in life. How many girls have I met where they said they wished they would have waited at least a year before getting married.They did not take the time to mature, grow up, or do anything with their lives, so there is that feeling of "missing out" on something. The "happily ever after" wasn't all it turned out be. I have so heard that line "Is this it?"not so many years after; but by then, it is too late. You want to be certain of your choices, not have regrets.

 It is however  wise not to spend too much time dating or courting without a final goal in site. There easily can be moral dangers, but often long engagements do not end in marriage, or if it does, it end in unhappy ones. So, If you are courting or getting ready to, keep these few points in mind. It can help in the long run!

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