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Of the Annunciation by San Juan de la Cruz
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SPIETYST's blog / Uncategorized / Of the Annunciation by San Juan de la Cruz
Of the Annunciation by San Juan de la Cruz
22 August, 200922 August, 2009 0 comments Uncategorized Uncategorized

Entonces llamo a un archangel                          It was an angel he beckoned ;     

que San Gabriel se decia                                   it was Gabriel came;                                

y enbiolo a un donzella                                      he waved him away on an errand   

que se llamaba maria                                         to Mary --treasure the name.

de cuyo consentimiento 

el mysterio se hacia                                            She must say the right word, this maiden,

en la cual la trinidad                                            for the wonder of wonders to be ;

de carne al verbo vestia                                      for the Word to be dressed forever

y aunque tres hacen la obra                               in flesh for the mighty three.

en el uno se hacia

y quedo el verbo encarnado                                Three had a hand in the work,

en el vientre de maria                                          but it worked an effect on one.

y el que tenia solo padre                                     Who but the Word made flesh?

ya tambien madre tenia                                       Where but in Mary\'s womb?

aunque no como cualquiera

que de varon concebia                                         The son had a father before ;

que de las entranas de ella                                  first had a mother then.

el su carne recibia                                                 Mother yes, but no mother

por lo cual hijo de Dios                                          Concieving as mothers of men.

y de el hombre se decia                                        


                                                                             He had his flesh of her flesh :

                                                                             so a new life began.

                                                                             Now the son of the highest

                                                                             answers to son of man.

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