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Keep looking...
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Keep looking...
28 November, 201828 November, 2018 2 comments Uncategorized Uncategorized

Search and you shall find... Just to paraphrase Our Lord's words.

It is very frustrating in today's fast and furious pace of life, to patiently wait for anything to come to us. Technology helps, but also makes us impatient. We have to constantly look back at how our ancestors, especially in the Faith, had to deal with life. We can learn much from them. We forget that what we are experiencing, they also had too. It is just our time to live through very much the same. Dominus vobiscum!




  • Lori12359By Lori12359 554 Days Ago
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    I find it very frustrating that supposedly "good" Catholic men just aren't interested in a woman with children (at least a lot of children like myself). They want their 1 or 2. I've been on Catholic Match and it's just terrible. Most are liberal "Neo-Catholics" that don't believe in all of the Church's teachings; especially the one regarding sex and marriage. No one wants to date a woman who has been married before; even if the Church has granted an annulment. What is a woman like me to do? This site is great but there aren't many active members on here. I love the Traditional Mass and am very conservative and I know the Church's teachings and try to follow them. I think that intimidates some men. I'm trying to be patient and trust that God will send someone when the time is right but that's not easy. There aren't any men in my area that are available, who like the Traditional Mass, and who are willing to be involved with someone with so many kids.
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Thou are my GOD, for thee do I long!
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