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January Newsletter
7 January, 20157 January, 2015 0 comments Dating/Relationships Dating/Relationships

Hello and Welcome to all new members!

I hope you had a very nice and holy Christmas and New Years. I spent the last three weeks with the in-laws in Virginia. They did not have any snow but it was nice just the same. I met some old friends I hadn't seen in a few years and got caught up on the news. I did not make it to midnight mass which I was planning on attending, but the Christmas day was very nice to participate at, and I wasn't too tired as it was daylight! ( I usually have trouble staying awake at night.)

And now it is the New Year..... did any of you make any new year's resolution? And I don't mean the latest diet plans.... How about meeting someone new in your life? Now that is a good plan. This website is a good one to get started on. I just got another note from a subscriber who stated she no longer needs this site as she is now engaged and planning to get married. Now those emails are the kind we are happy to receive. People are leaving contented but also it is encouraging to hear that our website is working. It also means that the Catholic traditional world has a possibility (God willing) of bringing new Catholics into this world. I encourage all members to take a proactive approach in the world of dating.

Has anyone read the booklet " Clean Love in Courtship?" I highly recommend it. It gives very good points on how to choose a marriage partner that can help both men and women alike. Courtship is not an end in itself but a means to an end....marriage. Here on this website, we can meet people, hopefully court someone, and thus end up in marrying.....

Happy New Year!

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