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Happy June
16 June, 201416 June, 2014 0 comments Dating/Relationships Dating/Relationships

Hello and welcome to all including new members....

Well, summer is well on it's way. Many of those in college are either done for the summer or graduating. Congrats to those who are. Maybe some of you have met and are presently dating someone. If so, good luck and kindly follow the Catholic rules of dating.

If a man does not believe the way you do, please put this in consideration, as this will affect decisions made in the future. Divorce is never an option. If your fiancé  thinks it is okay, then it will be placed into perspective when difficulties arise in your marriage to him, and he may leave you for someone else. When you get married, you do say "until death do us part," and this does apply whether in good or bad times. A partner in life who thinks differently in one aspect of a Catholic marriage may think "differently" in others aspects, and it may not be readily visible initially and may cause future heartache.

Large gap in age has come up whether a marriage can be entered into or last.  I don't think it matters what the age, though you should be  of legal age and mature enough. It does help if  both parties are on the same page....think the same, expectations of each other are reasonable and expected. There are many other factors that need to be considered. Having good habits, good work ethics, a good job  (at least the husband), good prayer life, honesty and integrity and honor are all important things to consider and will help plan a very future life together.

So, lets keep some of these considerations in mind, and happy dating!!!!
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