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melissap1170's blog / Lent / Happy Holy Week
Happy Holy Week
30 March, 201530 March, 2015 0 comments Lent Lent

Hello and welcome to all new members!

       We have (finally) reached Holy Week....well, if you have been busy, it does go by pretty fast, but sometimes with the weather and all , it can feels like it won't get here anytime soon. Hope everyone has had a good Lent. Maybe some of you have been on a five day Ignatian retreat. This period in the church's liturgical year is an excellent time for that. The topics discussed during the retreat brings us back to the reasons we are on this earth, and outlines the four or five main realities to consider...... namely heaven, hell and the devil, death, judgement, and also purgatory. We really should go one of these retreats every 5-10 years.....
        Heaven is real home...we want to get there but we need to make the effort to do so with God's help. Hell is very real no matter what people say ( like God is good and won't let anyone go there.) A person who dies in the state of mortal sin without repentance merits separation from God for all eternity. Our lady of Fatima warned that many souls go to hell because people do not pray or do penance for them. She also said that the sins of impurity lead so many to hell. So it is so importance for all of us to stay pure in heart and action, and offer up sacrifices (even if small) for the sake of others to get back onto the right track. 
        The devil is very real, being a fallen angel, and he is out there trying to lure souls away fro the heaven he too lost. Never let us underestimate his cleverness to deceive souls. (He has been doing it for centuries!)
        Death is an inevitable experience that everyone on this earth will go thru. We know it will happen, but we don't know when. We should always strive to live a good live and ask Our Lady to help us in that last hour on earth. Let's keep heaven in sight!     
       Judgement happens immediately after our death, where we will see the state of our souls and all our thought, words, actions, and omissions will be revealed before us. The truth will be shown. There is no jury that will decide, only God.
       Purgatory is the final topic. Purgatory, though temporary, is for those souls not quite ready (pure) for heaven but just missing the eternal pains of hell. The time in purgatory feels like an eternity and they say the pains of that place multiples any pains on earth by eternity. We can never imagine it, but they have the hope of heaven which hell never will. We need to pray for those souls and make sacrifices for them. They in turn will pray for us and remember us when they do get to heaven.

I look forward to reaching out to you all after Easter. 
Have a blessed Holy Week!
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