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Giving Thanks to Our Lord
23 June, 201923 June, 2019 0 comments Uncategorized Uncategorized


Hello Everyone, 

Today at mass Father gave a very nice homily. He touched a bit on thanksgiving after Mass and how important it is to do. He said something very helpful and insightful that I'd like to share.


He said something along the lines that one need only to ask them selves a series of questions when kneeling in thanksgiving after communion and after Mass. First, who is Jesus Christ? The answer is he is our Lord, our God, our creator and savior. He is who has always been. He gave us existence and also redeemed our souls. Next question is who are we? We are creatures, we are sinners, who without Jesus Christ will suffer hell for all of eternity. We are nothing at all compared to our Lord.  Next question is what has Jesus Christ done for us? He came down from heaven and became man to give us a chance to save our souls. He allowed himself to be tortured and humiliated so that we could have a chance at entering into heaven. He created the Church outside of which there is no salvation, gave us the sacraments, and continues to be the wellspring of grace that allows us to stay out of sin. The last question is what have we done for our Lord? We continually sin against him, break his commandments sometimes mortally sometimes venially, and time and time again add to the weight of his cross at calvary. All of this into account, we can meditate on how unworthy we are of Christ's love, and how fortunate we are that despite all of this he still loves us and still gives us a chance to confess our sins and be forgiven. For all of this we have much to be thankful for. 

Hopefully this gives some of you all something to meditate on, or at least inspire you to meditate more fervently on what you normally do when you kneel in thanksgiving. Well I hope you all have a great day!



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