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melissap1170's blog / Dating/Relationships / February Newsletter 2015
February Newsletter 2015
3 February, 20153 February, 2015 0 comments Dating/Relationships Dating/Relationships

Hello and welcome to all new members!

Well, it is that time of year again....Valentines!!!! I have read that this is the busiest time for people meeting up on line. Well, I hope that this  is true for traditional Catholics as well......I recently heard another subscriber has met on here and should be married by the date of this posting. That was fast! well, to me anyway, but this is again very good and encouraging to others. This particular fellow had just signed up within the last couple of years. I wish them all the best!
It should take a reasonable amount of time to date someone but we should not get into the mode of perpetual dating with no end in sight.The person we are spending one on one time with should be focused on not just on how much fun we are having or how good the food is (my weakness!), but on how well mannered and courteous the other person is and how that person reacts in certain situations. Would marriage to that person lead you on the path of holiness? Would this other person help you practice your Catholic duties and help you keep up on your prayer life? If there was a crisis, like an illness where you would not be functioning up to par, or there were money issues, will that other person be there for you and be a help to you in the practice of virtue and not give up when times are rough? Keeping a good temperament is also an important aspect in an relationship. Does the person you date loose his or her  temper? You don't want a person who is alway angry at you for this or that .....that may not be a good situation you want to be in for the next 40-50 years. How does that person view divorce? Well, divorce is not an option for Catholics . The plan on marriage is to last til death. We need to be reasonably sure we want to be with this person thru rain or shine when we say "I do." I remember asking our parish priest what he thought of my future  spouse and if this was the right choice. He assured me that is was a good choice and he saw no warning signs or reasons why this was not a good match. It is wise to have the help of a spiritual advisor who knows you and the one you intend on marrying, in order to make a wise life lasting decision. Of course, we do need the help of Our Lady and Our Lord in this whole process!

Good luck and God bless to all members!
Happy Valentines day!

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