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Catholics who support abortion
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semper_penitens's blog / Uncategorized / Catholics who support abortion
Catholics who support abortion
30 June, 201930 June, 2019 0 comments Uncategorized Uncategorized

Catholics who support abortion.

Does anyone know how this happens? I have met multiple Catholics in the past 18 months who support abortion. I have also, in the few times I've gone to a Novus Ordo church lately, seen vehicles parked outside with bumper stickers and decals supporting pro-choice political candidates. I don't get it. How can one actually believe that abortion is okay, and then attend Mass and receive Holy Communion? Do they not think that a life is lost when a baby is killed? Or maybe they think that they can separate their politics from their religion, you know, separation of church and state (what a joke). I remember speaking with a "Catholic" woman a while ago and she was trying to indoctrinate me into the culture of death. I remember telling her that abortion is murder, and no person should be able to decide whether or not it is justified to take an innocent person's life. Her response was that it's a woman's body and they do have the right (somehow they think that the baby inside of them is actually their body even if it has different DNA and half the time isn't even the same sex, how insane), and even if indeed it is a sin, people should have the choice to decide to do that since God gives us free will. That is a very lame argument in my opinion. That's like saying "well rape is wrong, but free will". No, just no. God may give us free will to choose evil, however, as Christians we are to serve God by serving his people for his sake, which means protecting others from spiritual harm as well as material harm. Allowing a woman to choose evil with the excuse of free-will, is actually very uncharitable since the woman is doing major harm to her soul and destroying her sanctity. In addition, the baby does not get a chance to be baptized which also means they do not have the chance to attain the beatific vision. Not only are the souls of the mother and child destroyed, but further damage is being done to the one performing the abortion, and all of those involved in that industry. So many souls are being taken by satan through this evil, systematized yet barbaric practice of killing the unborn that there is no way to, in good conscience, allow it to happen. To allow it to go on unopposed, I would argue, is a mortal sin in itself. I am not a very intelligent person, but even I am able to see this pretty clearly. There must be some mental gymnastics (or maybe just mental illness) involved in actually convincing oneself that you can still be a Catholic and be pro-choice. If anyone has any insight into this or maybe has an opposing viewpoint I would be delighted to read it so I can learn how to better convince these poor "Catholics" of their error.



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