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August newsletter
8 August, 20138 August, 2013 0 comments Dating/Relationships Dating/Relationships

Hello and welcome to all new members!!!!

Well, the end of summer is coming in view. I sincerely hope a few of you have made a few friends and maybe some lasting ones as well. Choosing a lifetime spouse is the most  important step in one's life if one is  so called to the married state. Therefore, it is with the greatest effort one makes the correct choice in a future mate. The right acquaintances and proper courtship is so important to pave the way to your future. Is is so important to be true to yourself. Use the advise of you parents, priest, and anyone close who has good common sense. Meet with people of good reputation and good prayer life. Check the persons character and personality and see if it matches well with yours. Check to see if the person interested in you has a unselfish disposition, a sound prayer life, and a charity that can be picked up by others.  See also if you are a good fit for the person you are interested in. If not, be gentle but end it for the good of both parties. Is is better to part early on than make the mistake of going thru life with the wrong person or being unhappy for the rest of your life or separate unfriendly. That is what dating is all find out who is right for you. Courtship should be encountered with respect for each other and love of God. Be honest and honorable and always ask God and Our Lady to help you!

God bless!

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Courtship and Dating
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