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Country:United States
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Headline:Nice guy
About me:I'm a kind, shy easygoing guy, i'm studying medieval history by correspondence, while working at walgreens(it's honest), every day i read the Mass of the day from my missal, and on Sundays I make a trek to my local SSPX chapel, where I am taught the truth faith and given the true sacraments. I enjoy hiking, fishing, hunting and biking. There's nothing better than braving the wilderness with a group of strong Catholic men, and a pocket knife, a breviary, and a rosary in my pocket.
Looking for:I'm looking for someone who is like me, discerning a vocation to the married state of life, willing to bear many children, teach them at home,the basics of faith and of life(which are really the same things), and willing to do whatever it takes to attend a traditional mass(or at the very least an eastern rite Catholic liturgy) once we have children. I won't in good conscience expose my children to the novus ordo especially before they've reached the age of reason.
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