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Thomasj Photos
Dec 2014
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Country:United States
About me
About me:I come from a family of 10 in Louisville, KY. I enjoy sports (playing and watching), cooking (I make a mean white chili), politics, and DIY projects. I also like to travel and see the great landmarks of the world. I've been to a few countries in Europe but I'm way behind on seeing the sites in the US! Never been to the west coast and I would love to explore California before too long. My favorite travel site is Florida and any one of its many great beaches.

Home improvements and do it yourself projects have really kept me busy lately. 3 years ago, if you'd told me that I'd find interesting something like drywall putty or driveway sealant, i'd say you'd be crazy! Well, i've changed my tune.

I'm what others call a "health nut" and I think healthy food is important. Also I really like learning about old fashioned remedies and the science behind why they work.

I'm a Traditional Catholic and I attend the Latin Mass exclusively. I'm looking for a woman who is willing to think, act and live differently than the rest of the world does. In other words, I'm looking for someone who realizes that living as a true Catholic means living for heaven, sometimes at the expense of, and at other times, contrary to, the spirit of the world.

Living out one's Faith day in and day out is not always easy but Christ has called us to it, and will give us the grace to do it, if we are open to Him. "My yoke is sweet and My burden is light."

In summary, I feel that the Mass is the center of our Faith, and the Tridentine Latin mass is the most pleasing to Our Lord. I want to find a gal who is open to attending this Mass only...I don't agree with the novus Ordo (if you're open to discussing why, I can explain in detail.)

Whoever reads this, may God bless you in your search and may Our Lady guide you!
Looking for:I'm looking to meet a nice, Catholic girl who has a great sense of humor. She has to be able to laugh at my quirky jokes.

She also has to tolerate sports (I'm not a sports nut, but I am a guy), who likes cooking (I enjoy experimenting in the kitchen), and who is good with an ironing board (because I hate to iron). I prefer someone with a large trust fund, who likes to clean the house and who is attracted to immature men. Ha!

I'd like a girl who is open to attending the Latin Mass, who understands the importance of the Rosary and who desires to raise a good, Catholic family (however large God wills it to be).

And as the primary purpose of marriage (though not the only purpose) is children, I'm looking for a woman who wants to be a mother and stay at home. Not looking for a career minded woman. This isn't always possible, but it's my ideal.
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