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Country:United States
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About me:I am a woman who has a bachelor’s and master’s degrees. I enjoy playing sports however do not have strong athletic skills or instincts. I rock climb, play ultimate Frisbee and basketball very ill in the winter. I have four sisters who are insidiously mean. So in order to sustain yourself in my family you cannot be a social anomaly. None of them are practicing Catholics. I enjoy reading anything by Dietrich Von Hildebrand; in fact I owe a lot to his writings. I am only interested in those who are in the Ark of the Catholic Faith. I support the Authority of the Pope and Bishops.
Looking for:A strong athletic provider, with practical delegation skills. Intelligent person, who knows why the traditional mass helps develop the interior spiritual life. However is tolerant of the Novus Ordo mass and recognize it as a valid mass. Looking to better their soul and get to Heaven.
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