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21 May, 2009 Josaphat Kuntsevich‏ 0 comments
          Kuntsevich had been Orthodox and then became a Greek Catholic and a ... Read more
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Country:New Zealand
About me
Headline:Hi, I'm Chris and I am Orthodox
About me:Hi, my name is Christopher (Chris), I'm 32yrs old and I belong to the Greek Orthodox Church of Antioch (Antiochian Orthodox Church).

I was baptized a Roman Catholic and was brought up in the traditional Catholic Faith and was involved in the SSPX for a while.

I was an altar server in the Latin mass when I was around 8-13yrs old.

This was when I met a SSPX priest, Fr. Shane Johnson and I helped serve with him.

My parents took me to visit an Orthodox Church in Dunedin, New Zealand when I was young.

All that changed when I moved to Brisbane by myself when I was 24yrs old, and I passed a Free Serbian Orthodox church and visited their church one day. I lived in Brisbane for a total of 5yrs during most of that time, I attended the sspx church in Oxley, Brisbane.

I became interested in the Eastern Rite and approached an Orthodox priest in the Antiochian Orthodox Church.

I discovered later on that Fr. Shane Johnson had a lot to do with the Melkite Church and is sympathetic towards the Orthodox Church and it is possible that this helped my decision to become Orthodox. I had the impression that Fr. Johnson was quite intrigued with my decision.

Then, I was chrismated (became Orthodox) and started being an altar boy in their church.

Then, I moved back to Dunedin, New Zealand and attended an Orthodox church there.

I plan to move to Melbourne, Australia as the future of my parish remains uncertain as my Orthodox priest, Fr Ilyan has cancer. He will be having a CT scan in the near future.

I am sympathetic towards the cause of the sspx but I find that I can partcipate better in worship in the Eastern Rite, also I found that there was a huge chunk of history that I never knew in the Eastern church and this was never explained to me when I was Roman Catholic.

I lived in Brisbane for a total of 5yrs (from 2000 -2006) and became a naturalised Australian Citizen.

I currently live in New Zealand.
Looking for:I am looking for someone who is Godly and accepts me for my Faith and for who I am. :lol:

I acknowledge that I may be hard pressed trying to find someone from the Traditional Catholic Faith :'(. I am not too sure what the exact rules are in the SSPX .
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