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Headline:Ready to Settle Down
About me:To be honest, I never thought of doing something like this until a traditional catholica priest with the society introduced me to this site. Well, hence I tell myself why not.

I'm a traditional catholic girl, born and raised a catholic, currently living in Singapore. I attend mass with the SSPX chapel in Singapore. No, I would not say I am a good catholic (who says we are anyway) but I try to live the faith as much as I can in my daily life. I am proud of the fact I am with tradition from birth. I am doing consultancy work with an established company here and enjoy very much what I am doing. Personality wise, I am optimistic (or at least try to be), simple-minded, and have good sense of humour. I'm single, never been married. I enjoy the outdoors, beaches, good movies, reading and an extreme weakness for chocolates. Occasionally, I do enjoy travelling to countries of diverse cultures and enjoy the beauties of nature. I enjoy very much the west coast US and Europe the latter being so laid back, so easy for me to adapt to the life there .
Looking for:To put this straight, I'm here to find a man to whom I can spend the rest of my life with. In essence, a man who is traditional like-minded catholic who is rooted to his faith, and who loves and wants to have children. A sanguine personality and a good se
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