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Country:United States
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About me:I'm a guy who loves to build things. I currently work three days a week (12hrs/day) operating machinery and doing mechanical work, while I am using the rest of the time to start my own CNC machining business. I will be machining arms and articles of defense primarily, but I intend to branch out into other niche areas as well. I have lots of hobbies--I love cars, martial arts, fitness, shooting sports, outdoors/adventure, art and archaeology. I love different languages--I'm fluent in Latin and speak some Italian from having lived in Rome years ago. I am a traditional Catholic and love the Latin Mass. I am a pro-freedom, pro-life, anti-Marxist, 100% red-blooded, meat-eating American patriot!
Looking for:I'm looking for a woman with strong traditional values--a real lady. I want someone who is my best friend--a partner for life, who believes in liberty and the Catholic faith, and who wants to raise kids with these values. Also, someone who knows how to cook!
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