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Country:United States
About me
Headline:Sailing the seas of life seeking truth
About me:Hi, my name is Michael; I am a recently graduated veterinarian on the East Coast of the US. I have a deep love for traditional Catholicism, and wish to see the natural world as St. Albert the Great did: a material reflection of the spiritual greatness of God.

I and am currently using my degree for research; interests include whale and dolphin physiology and anatomy. I spent a large period of time in St. Mary's Kansas, and attended the college there (SSPX).

I am 5'6'' and my favorite free time activities are outdoor adventures, such as time at sea, exploring beaches, forests, etc. Other interests include drawing, church architecture, teaching natural history, museums, and physical fitness. I used to ride horses a little when I was younger; I have not done this in a while but would like to pick it up again. I like classical music the best, but do have a soft spot for well done Irish music and folk songs (sea shanties etc.) I would like to stay near a coast long term but am flexible depending on situation.
Looking for:I believe that I am called to the married state, and am looking for a strong traditional Catholic young woman. It is my desire that we may both persevere in this life, helping one another towards our eternal salvation in raising a family. I seek those who respect the Church's traditional teachings on the family and its central importance in marriage, as well as modesty and chastity.

It is my hope to find someone who while strong of heart in the married state is also gentle and compassionate in nature, willing to discuss important matters and problems together. Communication is vitally important in a relationship, and even though we are all different in temperament etc. attempting to understand and respect one another on the deepest levels is a great gift. I have the greatest respect for feminine strength of character, and hope to protect and cherish it someday.
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