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Country:United States
State/Province:South Dakota
About me
About me:29y/o female Traditional Catholic raised in a family of seven kids (I’m number 3). I am a DVM from South America currently working on getting my american license. My catholic faith is extremely important to me. I love the Latin Mass and the traditional catholic teachings, and I believe they’re the one true path to heaven. I prefer SSPX from other Latin Mass communities.

My hobbies include swimming, dancing, working out, watching YouTube videos and Korean or Chinese dramas (might sound weird but they’re awesome and it took me forever to find “safe” tv series until I found out about k-dramas). My favorite movies are The Lord of the Rings, The Abduction Club and Mulan. I can listen to mostly any kind of music (except too much Country) as long as the lyrics are not inappropriate. I studied music theory and classical guitar but it’s been a while since I last played, and I’ve been singing in the church choir for many years now (although I’m not that good). I’ve also done Kung Fu and Ballet and I’m fluent in Spanish and English. I’m not the greatest reader but I love historic novels and I like to study about the crisis of the church and clear confusing questions.
Looking for:Obviously most of us are here because it has been extremely difficult finding someone that shares the same values and life goals. The ultimate goal is heaven and I am looking for someone that will help me get there and hopefully I can do the same. Someone who is in search of the “truth”, who likes kids and nature and laughs at my silly jokes (even if they’re not that funny).

I’m also looking for friendships. So if you’re a girl and happen to see my profile and have things in common with me, don’t hesitate to message me. Even if we don’t have many things in common and if you want to talk to someone.. I’m here.

P.S: I still can’t answer messages, there are still technical issues with the website
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