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LittleFlower Photos
Agnus Dei Stain Glass from Sacred Heart Church
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Country:United States
About me
Headline:Loyal, Honest, Down-to-earth
About me:(Why did I pick that user name!? I am not like the saint, but I wish I was, of course, but I am kind of little, and my name is a type of flower.) I'm what my headline says, and very interested in trying to live a holy life day to day. It's just hard doing it alone. I'm of melancholic temperment, but can make people laugh. I like to take care of my friends; help them out, cook and entertain and pray together. I try to take care of myself as well. I have varied interests: theology, a bit of politics, making up recipes, and a bunch of miscellaneous things: music (classical, polyphony and chant), piano, choir, photography, etc.
Looking for:Chaste, traditional-minded, Catholic friends, but if it is to be a relationship-type of deal, then someone who is also down-to-earth, sensitive, loyal, honest, dependable, and can be a gentle leader (not a dictator). I'm looking for someone who isn't goi
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