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Headline:Mademoiselle SSPX
About me:Hello! First of all, I’d like to stress here that I’m not looking for any possible relationship with the guys here. I’m considering religious life and please do respect it. I was actually a former member of CatholicMatch but I decided to leave due to that reason. My sole reason why I’m here is to get acquainted with other people across the globe so as to help us finance in building a chapel in my country.

Here’s something about me. I’m Filipina-Chinese who was born and raised a Catholic. On 2001, my family (save my father) got converted to Catholic Tradition. From then on, it gradually changed me from modernist to a modest Catholic girl. My life has never been really out of trouble nevertheless, I kept holding on to the Catholic Faith - dispensed and taught largely by the SSPX Fathers.

I do believe in romantic love but as for the moment I’m calling it off. I prefer to be at the service of God 24/7 and I feel more sanctified in choosing that path. Yet if I’m not called for the religious life, I certainly want to be in the married state so as to have as many children as God wants from me. Of course, it’s not merely having children. Rather, it goes beyond the rearing of children (with the help of the father) with a right attitude making them devout Catholic citizens someday. Then again, I believe it should all start first with a healthy and decent relationship between the opposite genders.

The best word to describe me is intrepid. Nonetheless, I know I must balance it with a pious attitude and that is what I’m still mustering. Honestly, that’s my “weakness”. Anyhow, I’m also open to any ideas as I believe it makes one a better person. On the other hand, every bit of idea should always be tied up to the Catholic faith.
Looking for:Like I said above, I’m not looking. In any case, let me share with you my thoughts about this topic.

There’s no such thing as perfect relationship as each person has imperfections. Yet each imperfection can be minimized through the frequent reception o
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