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Country:United States
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Headline:Salve Regina
About me:I think friends and familly would describe me as a decent and honest person, who is very caring and giving. I do the best I can in most circumstances, although I am not perfect, and struggle often with the legacy of my traditional faith and living in the world, like every Catholic during these difficult times. I work with children with special needs, and wouldn't mind working to help them even outside of my work; I would also love the opportunity to help children who are in need, poor, orphaned, or homeless. I love to travel (have traveled around the world), spend time with friends, and enjoy intellectual pursuits like reading, artistic movies with a message, going to museums, and high- culture (ballet, opera, serious theatre, etc). However, I have a great sense of humor, and love to make people happy -- I believe it to be my calling in life. I'm extroverted, love people, but can be quiet and reserved. My faith centers around being nearer and nearer to God, and giving my self over to the BVM. Marian devotion is an extremely importan part of my faith, as it was for my parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, and great-great grandparents... I see motherhood as a vocation to form my children's souls and encourage their reliance and faith in Christ, and would devote my life to doing that -- hopefully, I will have developed enough maturity and strength in my faith to offer my children what I was not offered. My husband (God-willing) would see his role as a protector also charged with the physical and spiritual care of wife and children.
Looking for:Someone who is kind and considerate, and very stable and non-aggressive. I want to meet someone who is well-adapted, and has a healthy expression of their sprituality, and who is not overly judgmental or obsessed with others, but focused on their own spri
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