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St. Patrick’s Day 2019
My Blog
11 May, 2019 Uncategorized 0 comments
Hello out there, I’m glad to see that blogging is permissible for “free” members. To all those who sent me mes... Read more
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Country:United States
About me
Headline:Just a Catholic gal.
About me:About me, well, I was born and raised in northeast Kansas. I’m the third of six children (3 brothers,2 sisters),was raised on a farm( not the stereotypical traditional Catholic type with goats and chickens, a real farm), and was homeschooled through 8th grade; later I got my high school diploma through a correspondence school. Currently I work as a stocker at one of our local stores, not the most fantastic job, but I hope for better, like the house wife career! I still live at home yet, and when I’m not stocking shelves, or working on being the next best-selling author, I keep house for my widowed dad.

I’m very introverted; not too inclined to be talkative or social, and I am also a very serious,but emotional, person. I enjoy reading,writing fiction( hope to do blogging on this site now!),vintage country music, needle crafts, and, on occasion, a good film, though I generally prefer watching episodes from vintage tv shows. Also enjoy square dancing too, but haven’t done it in ages, since there’s no club in my neck of the woods, and my parish(St.Marys,Kansas) no longer has the parish dances.

I am part German and Irish; the latter is from the spear side, and the former is from both spear and distaff sides( methinks I sound archaic, but it sounds better than the usual paternal/maternal argument lol); might account for my artistic-stubborn streak. I’m 5’6”,slim, with brown hair and eyes.
Looking for:I’m looking for a good mature Catholic man, ages 30-40, who would like to live in the country, wants to put the children in school(not public school!), is a good practicing Catholic ( preferably SSPX; no Sedevacantists permitted), and would accept me for myself, not expecting me to fit into a mold I wasn’t created for. God bless!
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