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Country:United States
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Headline:Checking this out!
About me:Hello,

I have been self employed the last few years building a business on the west coast. However I am interested in the idea of moving somewhere more rural, especially if I am blessed in finding a wife.

I came to the sedevacantist position through a lot of research on my own. Currently Im not attending a mass, or affiliated with any traditionalist group. But the Catholic devotions are important to me and preserving the faith, which is why I am here.

As for hobbies I enjoy basketball, golf, and weightlifting. Also reading non fiction. I have been fortunate to travel to Mexico, Spain, and Hawaii so far.
Looking for:Someone modest and kind who is seeking a Traditional Catholic family life as a wife and mother, preferably at home. Open to the sedevacantist position and preserving the faith without needing a mass.
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