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Country:United States
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Headline:Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam
About me:My name is Agnieszka and I love my precious Catholic faith. I am a traditional Traditional Latin Mass Catholic and have been blessed to grow in my faith profoundly. The Catholic faith is central to who I am and it is a daily practice. Everything that I do and every thought revolves around my precious Catholic Faith. I'm very passionate about the Latin Mass. I'm very blessed to live close to the Institute of Christ the King here in Milwaukee for Sunday High Mass and weekday Masses (if schedule allows). I have a great devotion to our Mary Mother and I love spending time on my knees praying the Holy Rosary to get me through my days and to uplift me after a stressful 14- hr shift. When I pray the Rosary, I really feel in touch with God through the Virgin Mary. She is my Mother, and of course I turn to her for help and I have never been disappointed. My relationship with the Virgin is indescribable and I always pray for Her intercession in my life.

I'm originally from southern Poland and I immigrated to the U.S. at the age of five with my close family. I grew up near the town of Krakow where our beloved Pope Saint John Paul II had spent most of his life discerning his calling and preparing for his vocation to the consecrated life. I still speak Polish fluently, but I consider myself more American since I grew up here.

Nursing is one of my greatest passions. There's absolutely no greater joy in the world than being at the service of others and to witness God's healing capacities in those who are at their most vulnerable place in their lives. I am a Neonatal Intensive Care RN and I am blessed to save and care for God's most tiniest of miracles. I work with extremely pre-mature babies (as little as 22 weeks gestation and weighing as little as under a pound). I get frequency called into high-risk and emergency deliveries to ensure the highest safety of the baby and make sure baby makes a smooth and easy transition outside of the womb. As a NICU nurse, God is my greatest strength as I tend to these very ill babies and closely look after distressed parents. I'm the kind of nurse that always has a smile that doesn't wear away after a 12-hr shift even if that means giving up all my breaks to spend extra time with a family at the bedside of their ill born. I try to always seek God in all things and I have been told I am a selfless person and I will go above and beyond for my patients and their families. I am blessed to be a part of these people's lives, to serve and to touch many lives (and equally being touched by theirs), and most importantly to give all the glory and praise to God in my nursing vocation. Aside from that, I am a volunteer nurse educator at a pro-life pregnancy crisis center that keeps me busy. I teach mothers how to take care of their babies and their sweet families. =-)

I'm currently pursuing my MSN to become a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner (NNP). I am very grateful to receive an education where my Catholic faith and beliefs and greatly supported and valued. If my work and studies leaves some down time, I enjoy playing violin, staying active, reading traditional Catholic teachings and doctrines, and spending time with my family that live near Chicago. I'm pretty passionate about healthy eating and I enjoy preparing all my meals at home from raw ingredients. I'm a really great cook! =-) I've also been a distance runner for many years now and it's a great way to destress after a stressful workday.

I am so very passionate about medical mission work has always been on my heart since I discovered my vocation to nursing. Truly mission work has enabled me to experience the humanitarian dimension of nursing in a very powerful way, further cultivating my sympathy and sensitivity toward others. It's a priceless gift we can offer to our hurting world. I have been to Haiti several times. I was recruited to go abroad this January to Manila and Iloilo, Philippines for a 10-day mission with my hospital's surgical team where a typhoon recently hit the country this Christmas. We will be performing surgeries and providing medical relief to those affected. Please pray for us!
Looking for:I am looking for a man who can truly help me grow in my faith, as I hope to help him and our family along the path to Heaven as well. I love to pray and would like a husband who can always pray with me and share his passion for his faith. I am looking for a man who is strong and committed to his Faith and family and who is capable of leadership and compassion at the same time. Someone who loves children and has a big enough heart to consider adopting if it's God's will. A person that would appreciate home-schooling and who is up for the challenge of raising saints in this society that greatly needs them! I'm seeking someone who is equally conservative in their morals and values and follows Traditions of the Catholic Church. Purity is very important to me and I'm looking for the same in a man. Above all, must be striving to live a saintly life and truly in love with his Catholic faith.
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